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30th International Congress of The Transplantation Society (TTS 2024) | Istanbul, Turkey | September 22-25, 2024

TTS-ISOT La Renon International Basic and clinical sciences Mentee-Mentor Awards


ISOT, TTS and La Renon, celebrates the contributions of basic and clinical science to the field of transplantation. The award recognizes the efforts of scientists who have advanced our understanding of transplantation science/ immunobiology and/or treatment of transplant recipients and the young investigators who will be the future leaders in our field.

The Goals of These Mentee-Mentor Travel Awards Are To:

  • Foster the training of new young investigators in the basic or clinical science of transplantation
  • Promote research in the basic science or clinical science of transplantation
  • Encourage dialog and interactions between trainees and established investigators at the TTS 2024 Congress

Application Requirements:

  • Evidence of Abstract Submission to TTS 2024 Congress
  • Letter from Department Chair confirming the training status of the Mentee

Application Process:

  • Deadline: April 26, 2024
  • List Abstracts submitted to TTS 2024 Congress
  • Upload letter from Department Chair

All information will be saved in a secure, password protected environment.

IMPORTANT: No applications or supplementary documents will be accepted after the submission deadline.

When the application is complete, the applicant will receive a confirmation notice via e-mail with a confirmation number. Applicants are advised to print and keep the confirmation notice as proof of the nomination submission.

Review Process:

TTS and ISOT will review the applications received by the submission deadline. Nominees will be notified of the outcome by May 30, 2024. Recipients will be awarded during the Mentee-Mentor Networking Event during the TTS 2024 Congress on the evening of September 24th.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Mentee must be currently enrolled as a graduate student or receiving training as a post-doctoral fellow within 5 years full time equivalent of receiving his/her PhD, MD or MD/PhD degree, at the time of application. Mentee must be conducting basic or clinical science/laboratory research, and be the first author and presenter of a submitted abstract (either oral or poster) at the TTS 2024 Congress.
  • Mentor must be an internationally or nationally recognized basic or clinical scientist, with a strong record of past achievements in the field of transplantation at the level of Assistant, Associate or Full Professor. The mentor must be the senior author of the same accepted abstract (either oral or poster) at the TTS 2024 Congress.
  • Transplantation science is broadly defined as work in transplantation biology ranging from pertinent basic immunology, animal studies or translational research that involves materials from human patients. Basic science on all types of organs, tissue, and cell transplants will be considered. Clinical Science including Clinical Trials or Clinical Outcomes Investigations is also included in the TTS-ISOT La Renon Mentee-Mentor awards.
  • Mentee and Mentor must be active members of TTS and ISOT or have submitted applications for membership by the submission deadline. TTS Membership application must be completed with no outstanding fees by September, 2024; otherwise, the applicants will be disqualified and not considered for funding.
  • Please note that both Mentee and Mentor MUST ATTEND IN-PERSON the TTS 2024 Congress and the networking event organized by the Basic and Translational Science Committee of TTS. Applicants not present at the networking event will be disqualified and will not receive the award. (There will be no exceptions).

Funding Guidelines:

  • The awards are intended to support mentee-mentor attendance and participation at TTS 2024 Congress.
  • The registration fee for the Mentor (member, early bird fees only) will be reimbursed after the Congress, only if requested. Mentors must pay the registration fee; if the registration is paid by a third party your registration fee will not be refunded.
  • Up to 10 Mentee-Mentor Awards will be awarded, based on the scientific excellence of the accepted abstracts.
  • Each Mentee-Mentor team can only receive one award.
  • Funds will be issued to the recipient and funds are not transferable from one recipient to another.